Faction warfare alliance with a strong industrial backbone. Primary source of public militia fleets and number one trade supplier of the Minmatar warzone.

A Place for Everyone

The Uprising patch has brought new life into faction warfare- shaking up the meta, making it easier to find content, and cleaning up decade old mechanics.

In [FL33T] you’ll have a constant injection of content, with a great way of funding it.

Minmatar Republic loses nearly half a trillion ISK per month in faction warfare engagements. A large percentage of this has large margins.(10-20%)

[FL33T] is in a unique position. We know all of the staging systems, all of the common modules and ships, and are the main driver of fleet content (losses).

In faction warfare, you can nearly form 20-30 pilots in any timezone. This creates an extremely accessible environment for fleet commanders.

[FL33T] has the expertise and resources to act as a force multiplier for fleet commanders.

[FL33T] is a large alliance, with experienced leadership. We understand that it takes more than a handful of directors to build something great.

Whether it’s trade, logistics, or industry- you’ll be able to find a place here.