Getting Started in Minmatar

Getting Started in Minmatar

Getting Started in Minmatar 600 337 BearThatCares

Welcome Aboard

Hello, capsuleer! We’re glad you chose the Minmatar Republic for your EVE Online experience.

In this article, we are going to look at a small slice of the Minmatar Republic war effort. The methods that we will share are accessible, efficient, and have a very high impact. Most of these methods are best-in-class income sources for new players.

The key areas of interest that we will be tackling are missions, faction warfare, and gas harvesting.

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EVE Online is a game of prosperity and conflict. The game play loop is very simple- industrialists gather resources and build ships, and pilots use those ships to project power and gain access to more lucrative resources.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on fueling Minmatar faction warfare, which should be every new players first taste of true conflict in EVE Online.

We will take a look at the following,

  1. Gathering loyalty points to help supply Minmatar faction warfare pilots.
  2. Creating combat boosters, which are essentially drugs used by combat pilots.
  3. Capturing and defending systems for the Minmatar Republic.

After learning each of these activities, you will be able to generate billions of ISK of your own income to develop your characters.


Before you begin, recruit a friend is crucial for new players in EVE Online. By using recruit a friend, you gain 1,000,000 skill points, which is effectively 30-45 days of training for an Alpha clone pilot.


Recklessly spending skill points may lock you into a career that you aren’t sure you enjoy yet. Our guide is geared towards giving you the most optimal introduction to every career, you shouldn’t need more than a hundred skill points to generate your first billion ISK.

If you did not join EVE Online with a recruit-a-friend link, get one from a friend or use this one. If you already upgraded your account to Omega, open a support ticket to see if CCP will cut you some slack.

1. career agents

The first step in your journey is to complete your career agents. This should give you a basic understanding of the different game play styles in EVE Online.

Guide by EVE University

Below is an excellent series to watch in the background as you run your missions.


Loyalty points are gained when completing missions for an agent. These loyalty points can be turned in for special items that are only available from NPC corporations.

We are interested in the following items,

  • Minmatar UUA Nexus Chip
  • Minmatar UUB Nexus Chip
  • Minmatar UUC Nexus Chip

These chips are obtained by turning in loyalty points from the following corporations,

  • Boundless Creation
  • Core Complexion Inc
  • Eifyr and Co
  • Minmatar Mining Corporation
  • Native Freshfood
  • Republic University
  • Sebiestor Tribe
  • Six Kin Development

Why are these chips important? These chips are required when turning in loyalty points gained from faction warfare. They are needed when upgrading our Tech I ships to Navy variants, increasing our effectiveness in combat and enabling us to project our force with stronger ships.

Before enlisting in faction warfare, we encourage you to pick a corporation from the list above and run missions for those agents. This will give you a small pool of loyalty points that you can use to convert your faction warfare loyalty points.


Faction warfare is an excellent place for new players to generate hundreds of millions of ISK while learning the fundamentals of player versus player combat in EVE Online. Every pilot should enlist to fight for their faction at some point in their EVE Online career.

Travel to Dal III – Republic Fleet Assembly and enlist in faction warfare. Read the guide on capturing complexes and defending complexes.

  1. Defend an open complex using a Burst
  2. Capture a novice complex using a Tristan
  3. Convert your loyalty points to items and sell them at a Minmatar trade hub
  4. Attend a fleet and destroy some Amarr players

I recommend staying in faction warfare for at least few days, it’s an excellent way to meet people.


Combat boosters are used in the hundreds by combat pilots every day in faction warfare, and there is a constant demand for these drugs. They are manufactured by harvesting low security space gas and converting that gas into pure forms of the targeted combat booster. These pure forms are refined into the actual drug.

You will learn valuable exploration skills, survival skills, and easily generate another hundred million ISK.

Prices subject to change, one Venture running without mining boosts

The following boosters are produced from gas in Minmatar space,

  • X-Instinct
  • Sooth Sayer

You will need to obtain a Standard X-Instinct Booster Reaction Formula and navigate to a low security space citadel. There is a very popular one in Amamake called Amamake- Reactions & Reprocessing.

  1. Purchase Hydrogen Fuel Block from a local market.
  2. Bring the fuel to Amamake – Reactions & Reprocessing.
  3. Use planetary interaction to set up the Oceanic planet in Amamake so that you can obtain Water.
  4. Scan nearby low security systems in search of Vermillion Cytoserocin gas sites.
  5. Create X-Instinct from Standard X-Instinct Booster Reaction Formula.
  6. Purchase Megacyte and create Standard X-Instinct Booster Blueprint.
  7. Sell your combat boosters at a Minmatar trade hub.


After repeating each of the above steps a few times, you should have a strong idea of what path you want to follow in EVE Online- and you will be able to fund your adventures with billions of ISK.

If you enjoy faction warfare, join a faction warfare group for a few months. By the time you are ready to move on, you’ll have an excellent understanding of combat which will transfer to wormhole and null security groups. Or you might just stick in faction warfare forever!

If you enjoy exploration, check out a wormhole corporation for a few months. These are hyper-explorers that live in wormhole space to generate combat and riches.

If you enjoy industry, join a group geared towards mining and production. There are tons of opportunities in high security space and null security space.

Good luck on your journey!



BearThatCares is a fleet commander for Minmatar Republic and the executor of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance.

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