Capturing Faction Warfare Systems

Capturing Faction Warfare Systems

Capturing Faction Warfare Systems 1856 1044 Minmatar Republic


Faction warfare complexes are key elements of Minmatar territory control. By capturing complexes, pilots gain loyalty points and contribute to the capture of systems for the Minmatar Republic. This gains us more territory, and increases our benefits from participating in faction warfare.

To capture a complex, we need an understanding of basic ships and the faction warfare map.

Faction Warfare Map

The Minmatar Republic (and our allies the Gallente Federation) is in a constant struggle against Amarr Empire (and the Caldari State). By capturing complexes, we are eventually able to siege systems- bringing them under our control. Furthermore, pilots gain loyalty points for every complex that they capture- an excellent income source.

The first step to understanding faction warfare is understanding the map.

Amarr vs Minmatar Map

Caldari vs Gallente Map

Systems controlled by the Amarr and Caldari are offensive Minmatar systems. We can offensively capture complexes in these systems, leading to higher loyalty point gains and adding victory points to the system (0.7% per complex). After the bar reaches 100%, we can siege the system.


Below is a table of the faction warfare complexes, and the ship class they can be captured by. The most balancing factor of faction warfare is that complexes only allow certain types of ships. This leads to fair engagements.

Complex NameCapture TimeShip Class AllowedDPS RequiredRecommended Starter Ship
Scout Outpost10 minutesFrigate50Tristan, Breacher
Small Outpost15 minutesDestroyer and below100Algos, Thrasher
Medium Outpost20 minutesCruiser and below200Vexor, Stabber
Large Outpost20 minutesBattle cruiser and below400Myrmidon, Cyclone
Open Outpost20 minutesBattleship and below400Myrmidon, Cyclone
There are variants of the ‘Outpost’ name- you may see something like a Novice Facility.


When capturing a complex, you obtain loyalty points. These loyalty points can be converted to items which are sold on the market. The typical low effort conversion rate is 1000 ISK/LP, but this figure can be much higher.

Complex SizeLP / pilotSite ReserveISK/hr (per pilot)
Scout NVY-51850018500 * 5110m ISK/hr
Small NVY-52815028150 * 5115m ISK/hr
Medium NVY-53750037500 * 5115m ISK/hr
Large NVY-54500045000 * 5135m ISK/hr
Open4500045000 * 5135m ISK/hr
NVY-1 complexes yield ~20% less loyalty points. ADV around 10% more.

As you can see from the table above, faction warfare can be extremely lucrative.

Victory Points

When you capture a complex, you earn victory points for the system. This is displayed by the ‘contested’ percentage in the system status.

The higher the advantage, the more victory points you earn per capture. Larger complexes count more, therefore they are extremely important to pushing systems.

Infrastructure Hub

At 100% contested, the infrastructure hub becomes vulnerable. It’s important to capture a few complexes past the 100% mark before you attack the infrastructure hub.

After destroying the infrastructure hub, the system flips sides and the victory points reset to 0.

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