Minmatar Public Contracts

Minmatar Public Contracts

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Public ship contracts are one of the best ways to learn how to fit from veteran players, and increase your time spent undocked.

Each front line is stocked with hundreds on public contract by Minmatar Fleet Alliance, open to all pilots in the militia. These ships are a variety of fittings for frigates, destroyers, and cruisers that are curated by veteran fleet commanders.

This guide will help you understand how to find these contracts, and understand their purpose.

Supported Station(S)

Below are the currently supported stations.

  • Auga X – Moon 3 – Brutor Tribe Bureau

Staging stations may move, depending on front-line objectives.

Finding Ship Contracts

Approved Contract Entities

Amarr Empire pilots will periodically post contracts that are meant to scam players. To prevent this, we recommend only purchasing from our approved contact entities.

Minmatar Fleet Contract Entities

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Contract Window

The contract window is the best way to find contracts.

  1. Click the “Hamburger” button at the top left of your client
  2. Hover over “Finance”
  3. Click “Contracts”
  4. Type the ship you’re looking for in the “Item Type” field (e.g Cyclone Fleet Issue)
  5. Select “Current Station” for the location
  6. Select “Public” for availability
  7. Click “Search”
  8. Check the contract issuers with the table above to make sure you are purchasing from a trusted entity, or double check the contents
  9. Check the info to verify you’re buying the right fitting (NVY-30 vs NVY-1, etc)

If you are looking for Corporation or Alliance contracts, change the availability to ‘Corporation’ or ‘Alliance’, and remove the issuer field.

Ship Contract Descriptions

The contract description gives you insight on the fitting and purpose of the ship.

NVY-1Perfect for solo engagements and small gangs. Typically require higher skills, or are more expensive.
NVY-5Perfect in small gangs and medium fleets. Typically are cheaper (to avoid being focused) and have more hitpoints and damage, sacrificing utility.
NVY-30These are organized doctrines for large fleets. Typically you will only fly these with a fleet commander.
ADV-5For advanced gangs, such as nanogangs.
ADV-30Strategic operation fleets (structure defense, infrastructure hubs, etc)

For more insight on how fittings work and what makes certain fittings more suitable for certain fleet sizes, feel free to mail BearThatCares.


How are fittings determined?

All fittings are publicly available at this page.

Our ship fittings are based on metrics from zKillboard. They take into account the context of the ship (e.g faction warfare), and what the best performing fitting for that ship is.

These fittings are essentially training wheels- we fit them so that your win rate is 50% or above. As you learn, you can start to optimize fittings and graduate from the program.

How often are ships restocked?

Ships are typically restocked every 2-3 days, depending on volume. If there is excessive volume, you can expect daily shipments.

Sometimes, you’ll restock periods drag out. This is so that other ships will be used, keeping our program consistent and enabling people to try new things.

The markup seems expensive.

It’s not, when you consider the factors to get that contract there. Logistics fees are around 5%, with taxes at around 3-5%. At the end of the day, we’re only taking home around 8-10%, which covers the massive amount of time it takes to manage this program.

To remove the convenience fee of contracts, you can always import using the Minmatar freight service.



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