Defending Faction Warfare Systems

Defending Faction Warfare Systems

Defending Faction Warfare Systems 2048 1152 Minmatar Republic


As we read in the previous guide for capturing systems, faction warfare complexes are crucial for the control of Minmatar systems. But how do we defend our holdings?

Similar to how you can capture a complex, you can also defensively capture a system. This is called “dplexing”. When you warp to a Minmatar complex, you can capture it just by sitting there. This will remove victory points from the contested bar, and reward you with reduced loyalty points.

The best systems to capture are systems that are highly contested (50%+), and the risk vs reward ratio is excellent.


For “dplexing”, we need a different map.


This map will show the contested ratio of all of the relevant systems- allowing us to figure out which Minmatar systems we need to defensively capture. Anything over 50% needs to be a priority.


An frigate can defensively capture any complex. You don’t even have to fit the ship!

  • Burst
  • Navitas
  • Breacher
  • Rifter

This is an excellent income source if you’re not really paying attention. You may die frequently, but your loyalty point rewards will reimburse you entirely.

Baiting Fights

For those of you who are looking to spark some engagements, ships with high amounts of raw hit points are the name of the game.

  • Punisher
  • Maller
  • Prophecy


For capturing a friendly complex, you bring the system contest rating down and earn a small amount of loyalty points, which can be sold to buyers or used to upgrade a system further.