Converting Loyalty Points

Converting Loyalty Points

Converting Loyalty Points 1096 849 BearThatCares

Converting loyalty points is the ‘hidden’ cost of faction warfare. Much like wormhole space and null security space, the inflated ISK/hr rates that you hear are never truly accurate.

For example, you might make 1.25B/hr running 5 characters in NVY-5 complexes- but cashing out loyalty points at that scale (hundreds of billions per month) is not an easy task. Hours are spent hauling inputs, outputs, and corners might even be cut to cash out at a lower rate in a higher volume.

In this guide, we’re going to go over how to easily convert your loyalty points.


Let’s talk about loyalty point rates. The golden standard for loyalty points that every veteran will shove down your throat is 1000 ISK/LP. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to actually get this rate without additional time investment and sell orders. Trust me, I dump several million of LP every few days.

Here’s the problem with chasing the ISK/LP dragon: you’re always going to be fighting against the people who are multi-boxing to hell (e.g me) or generating millions of loyalty points running L4 missions every day. Know what’s better than 1 character collecting 100m/hr of 1000 ISK/LP? 6 characters collecting 80m/hr of 800 ISK/LP.

I couldn’t tell you how many new players I see sitting on millions of loyalty points when a skill injector would help them generate even more ISK/hr. Just sell your damn loyalty points.


NOTE: After make your first hundred million or so, it’s highly recommended to move on from datacores to something with a bit higher volume (e.g Navy Cap Booster 3200, ammo, hulls, etc)

  1. Travel to Amo II – Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support.
  2. Open the loyalty point store in the station.
  3. Purchase any of the following
    • Datacore – Minmatar Starship Engineering
    • Datacore – Molecular Engineering
    • Datacore – Hydromagnetic Physics
    • Datacore – Nuclear Physics
  4. Go to the Highsec Buyback website and follow instructions to sell your data cores.

You’re done. No hauling, no bullshit, just convert and get back out there. Spend your reduced ISK/LP on more characters to generate even more loyalty points. Inject dread alts and dunk on Amarr. Kobe!

Optimizing Profit

To optimize your faction warfare profit, you need to balance buy orders, sell orders, and build trade contacts.



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