Minmatar Freight Service

Minmatar Freight Service

Minmatar Freight Service 1450 600 BearThatCares

Did you know that if you’re buying from Hek or Rens, over average you’re wasting around 20% of your ISK? Unless you’re in a specific staging system purchasing alliance contracts, you’re likely overpaying for convenience.

Minmatar Fleet Alliance welcomes all pilots on the Minmatar front lines to utilize our robust jump freighter network, at a significantly cheaper price than PushX and Red Frog.

RECOMMENDED: Trade Character

First, we recommend using one of your extra character slots to create a character for purchasing items in a trade hub. This saves your main character the trip to Jita- you can just change characters, ship your items, and go back to shooting spaceships.

  1. Create a character
  2. Recommended Race: Caldari
  3. Travel to Jita IV – IV Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

This character will be the one that purchases items in Jita and creates courier contracts to their intended destination.

Buy Items

Next, buy a decent chunk of items that you need on the front lines. This could be 10 of your favorite fittings, or even a few strippers.

These items should be in Jita.

Create a Courier Contract

In this guide, we’re going to be showing you how to contract to Minmatar Fleet Logistics. There are plenty of other well known hauling groups that you can use like PushX or Red Frog Freight.

  1. Navigate to our Freight Tool
  2. Select your route (e.g Jita to Auga)
  3. Input the volume of what you’re moving (e.g 5000m3 for a frigate)
  4. Input the collateral (whatever you paid for your items)
  5. Press submit
  6. Select your items, right click and create a courier contract
  7. Use the variables from the tool to fill out your contract
  8. Submit! Your items will be delivered in a day or two.


What is reward?

Reward is a payment that covers the jump freighter’s fuel and time. It’s typically based on the m3 value of the cargo you’re moving, as well as the collateral (risk) they need to cover.

What is collateral?

Collateral is a payment you receive if the contract fails to deliver. It prevents scamming, and covers you if the freighter pilot dies in transit.

Why do you only serve certain destinations?

Logistics is hard, especially large scale logistics. Typically only a few stations are covered due to the requirement of having a character there to light a cyno for the jump freighter.

How do sign up to haul?

You will need a contract character in Minmatar Fleet Logistics. Contact BearThatCares.



BearThatCares is a fleet commander for Minmatar Republic and the executor of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance.

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