Guides for Minmatar and Gallente pilots.

New Player Fleet Guide

New Player Fleet Guide 150 150 BearThatCares

New players are a critical part of the Minmatar ecosystem. Due to this, we want to make sure you have everything you need to attend your very first militia fleet…

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Rendezvous Point Farming

Rendezvous Point Farming 350 402 BearThatCares

Rendezvous points are an extremely low attention, low risk farming method for loyalty points. Furthermore, they can be done completely alone and in cheap cruiser. In this guide, we’re going…

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Minmatar Public Contracts

Minmatar Public Contracts 1280 720 BearThatCares

Public ship contracts are one of the best ways to learn how to fit from veteran players, and increase your time spent undocked. Each front line is stocked with hundreds…

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Minmatar Freight Service

Minmatar Freight Service 1450 600 BearThatCares

Did you know that if you’re buying from Hek or Rens, over average you’re wasting around 20% of your ISK? Unless you’re in a specific staging system purchasing alliance contracts,…

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Faction Warfare Advantage

Faction Warfare Advantage 1545 2000 BearThatCares

Advantage is a faction warfare mechanism that increases your victory points per complex capture.Without it, hundreds of extra complexes are needed to capture a system. Advantage is critical. Gaining Advantage…

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How To: Logi Anchor

How To: Logi Anchor 768 480 BearThatCares

Typically, a logistics anchor will ALWAYS be needed for every fleet compositions. This guide will arm you with the fundamental concepts to be a better anchor. Why do we anchor?…

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Converting Loyalty Points

Converting Loyalty Points 1096 849 BearThatCares

Converting loyalty points is the ‘hidden’ cost of faction warfare. Much like wormhole space and null security space, the inflated ISK/hr rates that you hear are never truly accurate. For…

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Getting Started in Minmatar

Getting Started in Minmatar 600 337 BearThatCares

Welcome Aboard Hello, capsuleer! We’re glad you chose the Minmatar Republic for your EVE Online experience. In this article, we are going to look at a small slice of the…

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Defending Faction Warfare Systems

Defending Faction Warfare Systems 2048 1152 Minmatar Republic

FACTION WARFARE DEFENSIVE OVERVIEW As we read in the previous guide for capturing systems, faction warfare complexes are crucial for the control of Minmatar systems. But how do we defend…

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Capturing Faction Warfare Systems

Capturing Faction Warfare Systems 1856 1044 Minmatar Republic

FACTION WARFARE OFFENSIVE OVERVIEW Faction warfare complexes are key elements of Minmatar territory control. By capturing complexes, pilots gain loyalty points and contribute to the capture of systems for the…

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