New Player Fleet Guide

New Player Fleet Guide

New Player Fleet Guide 150 150 BearThatCares

New players are a critical part of the Minmatar ecosystem. Due to this, we want to make sure you have everything you need to attend your very first militia fleet with our alliance.


New players are encouraged to attend their first fleet with an electronic warfare frigate. This is a basic ship that requires minimal skills, and can neuter many enemy ships at the same time.

  • Griffin (used to shut down enemy ships, activating one module on each enemy that matches module color)
  • Maulus (used to disrupt enemy ships, activating one module on each enemy)
  • Crucifier (used to disrupt enemy gunnery ships, activating one module on each enemy)
  • Vigil (used to target paint the primary targets)

They are extremely fragile, so you will most likely die by the end of the fleet, but over time you’ll learn more and more skills to have even more fun!

Obtaining a Ship

Rattini Tribe is an in-game corporation, and the executor of Minmatar Fleet Alliance, that will supply new players in militia fleets with electronic warfare frigates. There will be at least one of our pilots in every single militia fleet.

Simply ask in fleet if there are any Rattini pilots that can hand you an electronic warfare frigate from our handout hangars.

Die, Learn, Repeat

You will most likely die in many fleets when you are first starting out, that’s OKAY. Make an effort to meet pilots, and ask questions in fleet chat (in-game text chat).

Everyone starts somewhere, and in a few months you’ll be just like the rest of us.



BearThatCares is a fleet commander for Minmatar Republic and the executor of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance.

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