Building a capital group in EVE Online

A group of capitals in EVE Online

Building a capital group in EVE Online

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Welcome to the exciting and ever-changing universe of EVE Online, where virtual pilots embark on thrilling space adventures. Building a capital group is the ultimate goal for ambitious players seeking dominance among the stars.

In this article, we explore the ambitious efforts of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance as they construct a formidable capital group. Join us as we delve into the detailed steps and strategic choices involved in creating a capital escalation group within the dynamic and ever-evolving world of EVE Online.

First Attempt

We initially gathered all capital pilots from the combined Minmatar militia alliances into one channel. While promising in numbers, it lacked the necessary core for capital escalations. We used capitals sparingly, lacking intel for confident decisions, and faced difficulties obtaining dedicated cynos due to the burden on a few individuals.

Lesson learned: To ensure the success of a capital group, the ability to effectively and frequently utilize them is crucial. Furthermore, you need pilots who wear multiple hats.

Building a better capital group

Leadership convened to evaluate the effectiveness of our existing capital group and brainstorm ways to gain momentum. We agreed that the current approach wasn’t effective, realizing the need for content before gathering capital pilots. After determining that black ops battleships were the way forward, we disbanded the current capital group and outlined the following plan…

  1. Form a team of 10 pilots, each with a battleship and cyno pilot, dedicated to escalations in a specific timezone
  2. Generate content by hunting marauders, gatecamps, and any available targets we come across.
  3. Once we encounter opportunities beyond our current capabilities, expand the team by adding pilots with capital alts and high activity levels.

We will let you know how it goes in a few months! Feel free to check in on our zKillboard.

New Player?

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BearThatCares is a fleet commander for Minmatar Republic and the executor of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance.

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